TweakGuides Tweaking Companion Deluxe Edition

The Deluxe Edition is an enhanced version of the Regular Edition. These additional features help make the book much easier to read and navigate:

  • Fully detailed illustrative color images and screenshots throughout.
  • Full chapter, section and sub-section bookmarks for jumping quickly to a specific area.
  • Double the text resolution of the Regular Edition for greater clarity, especially when printed.
  • The ability to copy text from the PDF, handy for correctly assigning lengthy Registry values or entering complex Command Prompt commands.

  • The Deluxe Edition can be purchased as a PDF e-book, available for instant download. Purchasing one is a great way of both showing your support for TweakGuides, and at the same time gaining a unique and comprehensive system optimization guide in return. Furthermore, by purchasing the Deluxe Edition, you're helping to ensure that I can continue to release a basic free version to help a wider audience.

    Digital Download

    You can securely purchase and instantly download the Deluxe Edition in PDF e-book format by clicking the relevant Buy Now button below:

    Windows 8

    Deluxe Edition

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    Version: 2.1

    Last Updated: 2 May 2014

    Pages: 687

    Size: 59.0 MB

    Cost: $4.50

    Windows 7

    Deluxe Edition

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    Version: 2.0

    Last Updated: 1 June 2013

    Pages: 595

    Size: 38.0 MB

    Cost: $4.50

    Windows Vista

    Deluxe Edition

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    Version: 3.0

    Last Updated: 23 June 2010

    Pages: 388

    Size: 32.1 MB

    Cost: $4.50

    Windows XP

    Deluxe Edition

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    Version: 5.0

    Last Updated: 23 June 2010

    Pages: 263

    Size: 17.8 MB

    Cost: $4.50

    Clicking the Buy Now button does not commit you to a purchase. It takes you to a screen with details of the purchase price and available payment methods, where you can review the details and choose to continue or cancel if you wish. You can pay using various methods, including via major Credit Card or with a PayPal account, and the transaction is handled entirely by PayPal and E-Junkie E-Commerce in an encrypted and 100% secure environment. Once purchased you will be shown a secure download link to the e-book, as well as being emailed one for your records. Note that this is a one-off purchase and not an ongoing subscription.


  • Your purchase does not entitle you to any future versions of this e-book. You are purchasing a single version, not a subscription. For this reason the price of the e-book is very low; a subscription would cost several times more for it to be viable for me to implement.
  • This e-book does not contain any intrusive DRM or digital licensing requirements, and you are welcome to share copies with close friends and relatives. However you are not permitted to host or mass-distribute this file or its contents in any way.
  • Please make a backup of the e-book to prevent it being lost in the future.
  • The e-book can be viewed in any PDF viewer, but using versions of Adobe Reader prior to 6.0 may result in errors.
  • Once you've purchased the book, a download link will be shown in your browser, as well as one emailed to your Paypal email account. Temporarily disable any script-blocking extensions and/or lower your internet security level below High in Internet Explorer, otherwise the download link may not work. Also check your junk mail folder in case the email sent to you has been redirected there by your mail service.

  • Paperback Book

    The printed book version of the TweakGuides Tweaking Companion Deluxe Edition has been discontinued.


    If you want to support my work directly, you are most welcome to donate any amount that you think is appropriate through Paypal:

    People donating $10US or more will automatically receive a secure download link to the latest TweakGuides Tweaking Companion for Windows 8 Deluxe Edition PDF within 24 hours as a token of my appreciation. If you prefer a different TGTC version, please specify, either in the comments field for Paypal, or via Email to me right after donating. If you are donating simply to get the TweakGuides Tweaking Companion Deluxe Edition, please use the links further above. Regardless of the amount donated, unfortunately there is no subscription plan for the Deluxe Edition, so again the main reason to donate would be if you want to support the site. More details about making donations can be found here.

    Note: If donating please make sure to add to your allow list for any junk email filters, otherwise my reply won't get through to you.


    If you experience any issues with purchasing the Deluxe Edition, please Email Me with full details. Please be sure to read all of the instructions on this page carefully beforehand.


    Koroush Ghazi