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GPU-Z 2.16.0

11 December 2018

GPU-Z, a free graphics card information utility, has reached Version 2.16.0. This version adds support for new chipsets, indicates UWD/DCH drivers, moves the 'Check for Updates' setting to the main Settings panel, and provides bug fixes.

Edge Browser Moving to Chromium

7 December 2018

Microsoft has confirmed the recent rumor that the Edge browser will be moving to the open source Chromium engine.

Opera 57.0

7 December 2018

The Opera browser has been updated to Version 57.0.3098.91. This update provides bug fixes.

AMD Radeon Software Adrenalin Edition

6 December 2018

AMD has released the Adrenalin Edition driver for the HD 7700, HD 8500 series and above on Windows 7 and 10. This driver adds support for the Epic Games Store.

Windows Updates

6 December 2018

Microsoft has released a Cumulative Update for Windows 10 Version 1809 which, among other things, fixes the mapped drives failing to reconnect issue. This update brings Version 1809 up to Build 17763.168.

Flash Player 32.0

6 December 2018

Adobe has released Version of the Flash Player plugin for browsers. To download the full offline installer, use these links depending upon your browser: Internet Explorer or Firefox or Opera. Use Windows Update to update the built-in Flash Player in IE11 under Windows 8 and 10, and Edge under Windows 10. Update to the latest version of Chrome to update its built-in Flash Player.

iTunes 12.9.2

6 December 2018

Apple has released a new Version 12.9.2 of the iTunes software. If you don't wish to use the Windows Store to download iTunes, direct download links are provided: 64-bit Version, 32-bit Version. This version contains security fixes.

Chrome 71.0

5 December 2018

Google has released Version 71.0.3578.80 of the Chrome browser. This update provides a range of improvements, as well as security and bug fixes.

Nvidia GeForce 417.22 WHQL

4 December 2018

Nvidia has released the 417.22 WHQL certified graphics driver. This driver is for GeForce 600 and higher graphics cards under Windows 7, 8 and 10. It provides the optimal experience in Battlefield V Tides of War Chapter 1: Overture Update. The driver also contains PhysX version 9.18.0907 and GeForce Experience version 3.16.0.

Sticky Notes 3.1

3 December 2018

Microsoft has released a new Version 3.1 of the free Sticky Notes app for Windows 10. It is available for download from the Microsoft Store and adds several features including dark mode support, faster sync support, and various bug fixes.

CCleaner 5.50

1 December 2018

A new Version 5.50.6911 of the free CCleaner system cleaning utility has been released. This update adds a new Updates section under the Options menu, providing additional controls for automatic updates and update notifications.

Nvidia GeForce 417.21 Hotfix

30 November 2018

Nvidia has released the 417.21 Hotfix graphics driver. This driver is for the GeForce 600 series and above under Windows 10. It addresses: the Memory Data Rate being reported incorrectly in the Nvidia Control Panel; Microsoft Edge not responding after video playback; and not being able to apply color format after updating to 417.01.

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